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Industry 4.0

The term “Industry 4.0” is used to signify the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution – the previous three being mechanical production, mass production, and then the digital revolution. Industry 4.0 has made the smart factory reality, thanks to the use of digital technologies instead of formerly manual processes.


Companies are increasingly instrumenting their factory equipment with connected sensors, robots, and employing advanced data analytics to better understand and optimize production. As a result, manufacturers have new opportunities to improve business performance, boost product quality and enhance the way information is shared and managed.


Connectivity, automation, and optimization are driving the Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Industrial automation is made possible by the interconnectivity that occurs across an Industry 4.0 optimized facility. AI and data analytics can use the data generated from a connected factory to optimize machinery, workflows and manufacturing operation. Achieving optimized processes and better efficiency, manufacturers can get the most out of their production with sensor-monitored machines, making intelligence-driven decisions. At the end, it all translates to revenue increases and improved customer service.


With the right insights, you can optimize yield and quality. For companies looking to begin their digital transformation, look no further than the full suite of manufacturing solutions from Algotrix.

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