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Why Choose Algotrix?

Global Technology Expertise

We provide a powerful range of solutions and capabilities, integrating leading technology to transform your business into a smarter enterprise. The fifth wave of computing is here, with solutions that provide access to intelligent data-driven insights. Accelerate your enterprise transformation with the newest technology solutions available.

We help enterprises solve business challenges through the integration of technology. Technology is always moving forward, fast, so having an innovation advisor on your side is crucial. Take advantage of Algotrix's vast technology experience and strong alliances.

Our Solutions

From Project Management to AI-driven and Data Analytics Software, we provide a powerful range of solutions. Our partnerships and alliances allow us to deliver innovation in the areas of Communication, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics.

  • Construction/Infrastructure Project Management Software

  • Project Document Control Software

  • IoT Device Management System

  • AI-powered Progress & Performance Tracking

  • Jobsite 360 Degrees Visual Photo Capture

  • M2M Connectivity Management System

  • IoT/Industry 4.0 Integration Platform

  • Sensors & Controls for Real-Time Visibility

  • GIS Mapping & Analytics

  • Asset Performance Management

  • Site Planning & Design

  • AI-driven Modeling & Visualization

  • Smart Building Management System

Give your teams the power to drive next-wave insights. Accelerate your project delivery and improve productivity. Whether you're just starting your digital transformation or expanding your capabilities - we can help.

A Partner You Can Count On

Our core values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners and customers. We strive to reach the highest mark in everything we do, be it technology, know-how or customer service.

Commitment  Our best. For our customer success.

Accountability  From beginning to end.

Excellence  Continuous effort. To become better.

Innovation  Be curious. Keep learning.

Integrity  Respect. Trust. Honesty. All the way.

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