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With the growth of urbanization and population density, the construction industry is one of the key contributors to the world’s economy. We live in a time of significant technology advancement. In the digital era, everything is connected. Emerging technologies are impacting the construction industry in a big way – combining advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) with better connectivity and data collection.


Current available technologies encompass numerous possibilities and use cases: better AI-powered project monitoring and risk management, real time and operational data from construction site, improved workflows, better visibility and tracking, workers safety, and more. New technologies create pathways to higher efficiency, productivity, quality and on-site safety in the construction industry.


A building system is a combination of equipment, operations, controls, accessories, and means of interconnection that use energy to perform a specific function. Examples include HVAC, water heating, lighting, thermal envelope, and miscellaneous electrical load systems. Building efficiency requires superior architecture and engineering designs, quality construction practices and intelligent operation of the structures. IoT is modifying just about every feature of the building industry. Once building is up and running, data from IoT sensors is pulled into to Building Information Modeling (BIM). The data can be used to model the building’s usage patterns and accordingly optimize systems to operate at their utmost efficiently: energy and power consumption, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, escalators, elevators and more.


Researches show that the construction industry is on the path to adopt emerging technologies, as part of their strategic plan and vision. The modernization of the construction industry is a promising area that can impact the economic and environmental future of humanity. Architects and builders are changing the way they think about designing and building cities by utilizing multiple aspects of data-driven solutions. Technologies like AI, IoT, Robotics, Big Data Analytics, and high-speed connectivity are being used to bring in the revolution in the construction industry.

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